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Bad Habits Don’t Make Money

Bad Habits don’t make money or even help you succeed in life.

Even if you work as hard as you can…there is always that Stop Sign hanging over you and what ever you try to do.

Sound familiar?   

More on its way. 

Hold your breathe.
Or watch and listen to  something different .

Still working on getting rid of Procrastination, but have a new Habit:

Just Do it, even if it isn’t Perfect.    

Yep,   if you type out or click on this link and go, it is my affiliate link to a program that is helping me stop wishing and start doing.   Be warned, if you go and buy, I get paid!
And you get lucky!

Traffic is Terrific


Former Factory Worker Reveals The Formula That Has Enabled Him To Earn Over Half a Million Dollars On Autopilot From Outdated PLR Products Like What You Will Probably Find On Your Hard Drive.

He left a link


Here is part of what he said explaining about how he used the PLR.

When I was starting out, I was working harder than anyone else I knew. I had a full time job working in a car plant. I had a wife and two little kids (I actually still have those, thank God), I had a mortgage and a dozen different bills that always seemed to need paying. So like I’m sure you did as well, I sat down in front of my computer for hours every night and tried to earn some extra money.

I read sales page after sales page and bought product after product.

I did my research and tried to follow the directions I was given to the T.

The results?

Laughable and it was all because of the tired old advice that no longer cut it.

But still, I kept at it.

I kept tearing my brain apart with project after project, but I couldn’t sell a thing.

I was literally burning the midnight oil, but despite every ounce of work I put in, I couldn’t make a sale and I couldn’t make a profit.

Heck, I could barely even get anyone to visit my website.

I was at my wit’s end. I was reaching the bottom of my barrel.

I was close to quitting.

I went for broke and decided to ignore all the ‘expert’ advice I’d been given and just do my own thing.

I closed my eyes and wiped from my memory every piece of bad advice that I’d ever come across.

And then I went to work. And then something spectacularly unexpected happened …

I Started making Money

Sure, it was small fry at first compared to some of the big guns, but I was buzzing.

I was like one of those cartoon characters rubbing my eyes to make sure I was seeing the screen right.

But I was.

My online account had more money in it than the day before.

And the next day.

The same thing happened.

More sales..

I finally found something that worked and boy did it feel good.

So I branched out and built on what I had learned.

And the money kept pouring in, this was way back in 2004 and since then I have never stopped.

However, even though I had a formula for success I never stopped working at it.

I kept building on what I had discovered.

Here are some recent screenshots from some of my many ClickBank accounts.(click to view).

I have many many more accounts that provide similar results.

But that is not the point.  The point is that you can use this program John Thornhill has put together to learn how you can soon have multiple accounts  like his at Clickbank.  Now not saying everyone will do this.  Nope, experience has shown that many just want a click and paste one or two things and think they are done.

Not the way it works, but this method does cut out a lot of work and allow you to use already created material to hop skip you ahead.

Maybe let John tell you.  He does it better anyway!
Listen to John Here.