Cararta and Andrew

Cararta and Andrew

Retired R.N., Live in Middle Tennessee hill country. Gardening and Computer are my New Time Gobblers!

Spend a lot of time on the computer working on my sites and social stuff…listed below.

I have become a self educated Affiliate Marketer through the tried and true hard knocks school of Do it and Learn.

Andrew my cat (in the picture) helps as much as he can by occasionally running the printer or jumping on the the keyboard at  exactly the wrong time!.

He has a friend, Rosebud…a brown murky English Tabby with an orange 7 on her forehead.  They live in strained tolerance  with  Hambone, the Beagle who was rescued from surviving on rabbits in the woods.   I sometimes think he thinks Rosebud is a rabbit?????

I always finding new programs and softwares…so expect to see some reviews on some of my sites!   Even the sites for Diabetes and Sugar Control!

I Love blogging and reading what others are talking about.  So expect to see me around.   Think I will collect the addresses of some of my favorites and post here…

Blogging is a great way to learn…but you must use good judgement, because what works for me or someone else, might not be the answer to your problems!

http://skipperworks.info/ and

my Occupations. Come Hangout!

Love going to Facebook…

https://www.Facebook.com/Internetmoneystore and


and just me at

and I love     https://Rebelmouse.com/ArtaGene

Quick contact on Facebook…comment or send me a PM!

P.S.  my very first venture on the internet is here:


Some other Places:

http:// CarartaSkipper.com/webprofits

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