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This Cookie Disclosure describes the cookies and other technologies that Skipper Works (“Skipper Works,” “we,” “us”) uses in connection with its website located at (“Site”) and in its advertisements, communications, correspondence, emails, newsletters, promotions, services, surveys, and other electronic communications (collectively “Communications”). We also explain how individuals can opt out from having data about their browsing collected and used in connection with the Skipper Works Site.
Why Skipper Works uses cookies and tags

We use cookies and tags to gather information about users of our Site, readers, or recipients of our Communications, or other individuals who have shown interest in our product or services. For example, it is useful for Skipper Works to know how users come to visit its Site, which pages they visit, or what products or services might be of interest to them.

The information that is collected from these cookies and other technologies may be used for statistical purposes. For example, we may want to know whether the users who viewed a specific Communication (e.g. an advertisement) purchase the service that was featured in that Communication, ask for information about that service, or do nothing after landing on our Site. Or whether another Communication, with different content, sent to a similar audience provides better results.

In other cases, the information collected may be used to attempt to identify the perceived interest of a user. For example, “user with ID Number 1234 spent more than X minutes on this page, therefore this user appears to be interested in the service featured on this page. Thus, the user might respond favorably to Communications (e.g., an advertisement) about that service in the future.”

Some cookies are placed and managed by us, and others are placed and managed by our service providers. This document is intended to provide specific information about each category of cookies that are used on the Site, and what information these cookies collect and how the collected information is used.
Skipper Works cookies and tags

Skipper Works uses its own cookies and tags for the following purposes:

Some cookies enable services that you have specifically asked for – These cookies are essential in order to enable you to move around the Site and use its features, such as moving from page to page without re-entering the same information, or accessing password protected areas. Without these cookies, some of the services that you have requested, such as registering for a trial of our Skipper Works Services, cannot be provided.

Some cookies enable us to remember choices that you made when visiting our Site – We use cookies to recognize a browser as that of a previous user and save any preferences (such as language, font size) that may have been set while browsing our Site, or to record the area or region where the user is located. These cookies may also be used to provide services that you have asked for, such as watching a video or commenting on a blog.

Some cookies collect information on the pages visited – We use cookies and tags on our Site and in our Communications to enable the collection of information about how our users use our Site or Communications. For example, we monitor aggregate usage and web traffic routing on the Site; count the number of users who have visited certain pages of the Site or opened certain Communications; identify which pages they visit more frequently; record how long they stay on a specific page.

This information allows us to generate statistics about how our Site or our Communications are used so that we can better serve our users and make our Site or Communications more attractive to them. For example, we use this information to measure the effectiveness of the Site or our Communications; identify those pages that are of less interest to our users, understand how our users interact with the Site or Communications; or improve usability and performance of the Site or Communications.
Third party cookies and tags

Third parties perform services for us or on our behalf, which may require them to record information related to a person’s visit, review, or interaction with our Site or Communications. To do so, these third service providers may rely on cookies (“third party cookies”) and tags (“third party tags”).

Third party tags are integrated in the code of specific pages of our Site or our Communications. When an individual visits the pages that have been tagged, the user’s browser sends to the service provider the data that were collected from or through these third party cookies and tags. The service provider then uses the information from the analysis of these data to perform the services for which it was retained.

The combination of these third party cookies and tags is used in two situations:

Some cookies allow the service provider to collect information on the pages visited – Some third party cookies and their related tags are used to analyze the traffic and usage patterns on our Site or with respect to our Communications. The information that is collected by our website analytics service providers is subject to the service provider’s privacy policy. Our service providers’ privacy policies are consistent with our privacy policy for information collected from our website, communications and emails.

Some cookies collect information about your perceived interests in order to serve advertising that might be more relevant to you – These third party cookies and tags are used to customize advertisements about Skipper Works that are served on other websites across the Internet, other than the Skipper Works Site. When you visit our Site, one or more tags will direct your browser to contact our third party service provider so that it can record your interest in our products and services.

This information is then used to serve you ads when you are visiting websites that display advertisements to support their offerings. In general, an advertisement that is intended to match a user’s apparent interests is likely to be more effective with that user. As a result, when you land on an advertisement supported website where we have purchased advertising space, you may be presented with Communications that are based on your apparent interests in the Skipper Works products or services. The information that is collected by our service provider is subject to the service provider’s privacy policy. Our service providers’ privacy policies are consistent with our privacy policy for information collected from our website, communications and emails.

You can choose not to receive tailored online advertising about Skipper Works on other websites, based on your visit to our Site. See the How to control and manage cookies section below.
The Skipper Works Tracker application

We analyze and measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns by using the Skipper Works Tracker feature of our Subscription Services, and we process the information collected through the Skipper Works Tracker in accordance with the Skipper Works Privacy Policy for Subscription Services.
Can Skipper Worksidentify a user?

Cookies allow identifying a specific browser on a computer, laptop, desktop, smart phone, tablet, or any other similar equipment that is used for online activities (“Device”) or entry point, but are not able, by themselves, to determine the identity of the individual using the Device. For example, a user who uses two browsers will be identified with two different, unrelated cookies.

The data associated with the use of our Site by a Device (and a specific browser on that Device) or entry point, that are collected through these cookies may be combined with other data about that Device and browser or that entry point, that were obtained from other sources.

For example, when a user registers with us, we send a cookie to that user’s browser to recognize the specific user as one of our Registered Users. When we use tags in Communications directed to a specific individual, we are able to know how this individual responded to our Communication, such as whether he opened it, deleted it, or forwarded it to a third party.

However, we do not combine the data resulting from the use of the Site, with other data that might be generated by the use of the Skipper Works Services by the same individual or same Device and browser as a Business User or as a Registered User.
What data are collected through cookies and tags

When it is combined with a tag, a cookie may help collect the following data about a specific visit to our Site or receive our Communications:

The time and date when the cookie was initially sent;
The unique user ID that Skipper Works or the third party service provider has generated to identify the user;
The time and date of the current visit of the Site;
The URL of the website that the user was viewing before landing on the Site (also called the “referring URL”);
If the user had conducted a search before landing on the Skipper Works Site, what search terms (or keyword) were used that resulted in the user’s entry to the Site, and what search engine was used to conduct the search;
The URL of the first page of the Skipper Works Site that the user viewed when landing on the Site (also called the “landing page”);
The areas of the Skipper Works Site that are visited a specific user (as identified by the unique user ID assigned to that user’s browser);
Any affirmative action initiated by the user, for example, whether the user purchased a product or requested information about a product;
The types of products or services purchased, or the white paper or newsletter ordered.

A cookie may also enable the collection of the following data:

The user’s IP address;
The operating system of the Device that the user is using (for example Apple IOS);
The type of browser, and browser version, of the Device that the user is using (for example Firefox).

How to control and manage cookies

You can instruct your browser, by editing its options, to block cookies or to prompt before accepting a cookie from any website that you visit. You can also block third party cookies, either by following the method provided by the entity responsible for the cookie, or by using the methods offered by specialized services, which compile the information provided by these companies.

To learn how to block or remove third party cookies, see the Skipper Works Privacy Central page.
How to contact us

For further information about the Skipper Works cookies and tags used in connection with the Skipper Works platform, please contact us:

By email at:
By mail at: Skipper Works, 1534 Shepardsville Hwy, Granville, Tn 38564 USA.

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