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How to Get Good Traffic

Getting Good Traffic is hard work.

If you really want to get some good traffic, you need to do it with a plan.

You don’t want just some Plain old traffic, you want traffic or let’s call that traffic—-  People.

Cause you want People who are interested in what you are talking about.

Other wise your efforts are wasted.

All the non interested people who get steered to your post or site or offer are just annoyed that they were sent to the wrong place.

Good Traffic Isn’t Always What You Find

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Blog Smart…Not Hard and Win Before You Start!

How Can I Blog Smart?

Wondering about those Blogs that start up and run to the Top in record speed?
Not there yesterday, but at the top of the Heap today?

Blogging Helpers Paper and Pen

Blogging Helpers Paper and Pen




I clicked on a link to my site Cararta Make WordPress Money in the awstats…just to see what was linking…and found this post on one of the pages…was so impressed, I decided to share part of the post.  Here is what Oluwaseun Babajide  had to say about what should be on a blog and your goals in creating a blog.  Well the page disappeared on that site so here is another one to read  5 things to use on a blog  which isn’t quite as interesting.

Glad I have the excerpt below..to me is much more interesting and directed at what you can really do!

Why Bloggers Should Start Working Smart and Not Hard


I am going to share this secret with anyone who is interested in doing what they love (blogging) and deriving a sense of fulfillment and making some money while they are at it.

The secret is…wait for it……… KNOWING HOW TO ADD VALUE to your readers; and ensuring that you do not spend your valuable time on things that would not do the following:

* Generate better webpage traffic

* Bring recognition to your blog

* Generate income

* Provide you with some experience

You need to work smart; which means cutting straight to the chase and taking part in activities that will help build your brand.

Okay, I’ll be very honest here, a lot of people just don’t go to work in order to get a paycheck, they want to add value to their company – that is their main goal! Such employees usually standout from other employees in the company and are recognized (and often valued) by the boss. So being a successful blogger will require you to add value to your readers and to balance that with ensuring that your blog grows to becoming a lean mean money making machine.

Here are valuable tips to help you work smarter and not just working harder:

* You should make sure that you select 2 social media platforms to focus on. You will need to ensure that you figure out just where your target audiences hangout so you can reach them. Many people use facebook and some people simply prefer to use Twitter; Pinterest is also gaining a lot of popularity among women. If you blog about fashion, beauty, health, weight loss, or food – using Pinterest may be the best way to reach your target readers. For those who blog about weight loss, using before and after images of people who lost weight using a particular weight loss program, device or product would go a long way to get you new readers.

* If you notice that your readers prefer Facebook, and you also love the communication settings of this social media site due to its photo richness and more personable features, then simply choose to reach your target audiences on FB.

* Twitter is the best place to reach your readers if they prefer brief and direct communication.

* If you can afford it, seek out the services of search engine optimization experts. Seriously, SEO service providers would not charge you an arm or leg. But if you know a little bit about SEO, you can implement search engine optimization services that work.

Which Choices to Make: Will it be Facebook, Twitter or Something Else?

Most of his suggestions made sense to me, some more than others.  Since we are now in the boat of having to NOT depend on just SEO and Google for our traffic and must decide on our Social Media choices to grant us that almighty traffic, it means choosing and using.

According to what I have read here and there, even the old standby blogging and commenting on others blogs, when  links are allowed isn’t giving the “link juice” or counting for much.

Have observed that there is a growth in almost MLM type groups forming to create their own mini traffic “memberships” (don’t know what else to call them) to guarantee members traffic from each other…

Maybe they are volunteer rather than paid link farms?  What will they look like to Google and the other search engines..One big authority site with dozens of niche sites supporting and linking in and around and to each other?

Guess it is time to step back and take a look at where you are, what you want and find out how to do it!

Curation works according to Matt at Google if you go and watch some of the Q&A videos…but only if done correctly.

Linking works, but only if links are from relevant sites that can provide more information similar to your but doesn’t duplicate your content.

What is the best technique?

  • Blogging and commenting
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,  (three favorites)
  • Joining a Link group?   Become an Ibotizen comes to mind

So many choices, but Oluwaseun finished off with something I found interesting, He is of the opinion that a blog needs new content every day…which is an almost insurmountable obstacle for someone working alone, unless they invest in and use some type of content automation.

How does your plan for your blog compare to what is described above? Are you doing a better job with ranking and traffic today than you did six months ago?